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I don't see a 1-5x30 listed on their site but they say the 1-5x24 weighs 14.8 ounces and the 2-10x40 weighs 19 ounces. I can't imagine a 30 could weigh that more than 16 ounces or so.

The "fast focus" eye piece, I've never had the problem you describe with these. It sounds like a fluke of your particular poorly built unit.

Maybe they thought they were tightening the eyepiece when they made the magnification adjustment so hard to move.

I've always been curious about the utility of a 1x scope for deer. My scope is usually set at 5x and the one time I used a 1x red dot I couldn't stand it, it lasted 1 day before it was gone. I usually set my scope to 9x as soon as I see a deer, even if the shot is going to be 30 yards. Not saying you're wrong and I'm right, I just find it curious.
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