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Be careful about posting his personal information as it may be treated as libel. I believe that posting on a forum is considered publishing. I hope you get your money, but don't open yourself up to get sued, even if he is in the wrong. I would delete his personal info and ask the other poster to delete the phone # as well.

Writing bad check is a crime and I believe that is how you should treat it. You can call the police and have them handle it. I used to work in a restaurant that offered delivery service. Some customers would say they didn't have time to hit the ATM and and whip out the check book. rather than lose the sale and possibly the customer, I accepted them. I few of those came back as NSF or closed accounts. I treated the closed accounts as intentional rip offs but I made a few attempts to collect from the NSFs. The police will go after them.

I suggest you ask for a photocopy of an ID before accepting check again. I was able to track donw a few of my customers and "convince" them to pay up. When it comes to food, I feel bad for them since they are obviously having financial difficulties. I had a business to run though and frankly, we can't afford to lose money either. In your case, the purchase was not for necessities. You have already tried contacting him several times and he has ignored you. Time to call the cops.

One other option is to defer shipping until payment is received and clears. You might lose sales that way but that a business decision you have to make.
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