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I'll agree the question is rather vague. I also think the question is more about inspiring a thoughtful discussion than finding out who knows the answer to a trivia question.

Are we including exotic custom bench rest actions? I don't know much about those. Most are single shots.
Heat treat condition matters. Nesika Bay wire EDM's the receiver out of pre-hardened stock. I don't know if that matters.

The tubular receives like the Savage and Remington.... A tube is rigid till its not a tube. Cross section (for example) a Rem 700 through the mag box area and I think you will find the right hand rail and the left hand rail do not have that much steel in them.What is left is not a particularly rigid geometric structure.
Maybe thats why sleeving those actions is one method to stiffen them.
An XP-100 or 40-X single shot leave a lot more of the tube.

I lean toward the flat bottom receivers like the M-70 an Ruger.
Given the right chassis or stock, that might "splint" some rigidity into the assembly.

Locking lug recesses remove a lot of steel. Rear lug receivers offer other problems,But its possible in theory there might be some rigidity there. That explains my Rem 788 reference.

HMMM. The Weatherby Mark V might mitigate that some. Bolt body dia locking lugs.

As I recall the CZ 550 might add a rectangular "frame " of steel beneath the receiver...a perimeter for the mag box. Maybe. Maybe not.

There is that French military bolt gun where the mag box sides are integral...That would be rigid.

Obviously the truth would be found via testing. Hanging weights and measuring deflection would be a start...but the live dynamics of firing might show some crazy stuff.

Fun question. I'm assuming a stainless steel Tubbs type receiver would be DQ'd if the 1918 BAR is.
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