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Manurhin MR73's forcing cone.

Upon examining a friend's old Manurhin MR73 (real old combat model), not sure what vintage year, I was surprised to see a lot of flash burns on the forcing cone. This was verified when I observed on the sideline while he was firing the gun. Yes, a lot of blow-by flashes came out on the side. I further examined the gun and noted that the forcing cone has a flat cutout right at the 6'0 clock position, just like the SW K-frame which is known for the forcing cone to crack. SW corrected this with their newer K-frame beefing up the forcing cone by eliminating the flattened area. I am surprised that the MR73 which is touted as the toughest revolver has the same design as the vintage SW K-frame with the flatten forcing cone on the 6'0 clock position.

My question is whether Manurhin changed the design for the new MR73. Can someone who owns a newer model MR73 verify whether they made an improvement in this area ? The attached picture will show the flat cutout at 6'0 clock on the forcing cone.
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