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Originally Posted by Metal god View Post
There was one analogy she made that I thought was good when talking about modifying the mag you have and how the government thinks as long as you still have the mag they didn't infringe on the right . She come back with something like " It's like having two houses and the government makes you tear down one . Why should you complain you still have one of the houses to live in "
I like Benitez's version:

But describing as minor, the burden on responsible, law-abiding citizens who may not possess a 15-round magazine for self-defense because there are other arms permitted with 10 or fewer rounds, is like saying that when government closes a Mormon church it is a minor burden because next door there is a Baptist church or a Hindu temple.

Banning a weapon that is commonly used for lawful purposes is unconstitutional. The existence of alternatives doesn't change that.
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