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Ever actually been on a battlefield?

If so, when and where?
Whether Simon has been on a battlefield or not, he's from Austria ..... people tend to project their own experiences onto unfamilar problems...... warfare, and training for same, in Europe has been centered around mechanized and or motorized units for more than 70 years- there are few people alive there that can remember anything about warfare and training for same before WWII .... Europe is really a small place, with roads nearly everywhere .... indeed, even some of the farm roads and forest roads in what was then West Germany (Hessen and Lower Franconia) in the late 80's to the mid 90's were paved with asphalt or brick when I was there .... I would image they have not stopped doing that ...... mechanized forces hold a huge advantage in such a place ..... Afghanistan is not such a place. Roads are rare, and rudimentary and generally in poor repair where they exist at all ..... where they do exist, they serve to channelize advances ("Advances" ha! if there were a front line!) movement of vehicles, making them easier to attack ..... the ATLPCs* are very necessary ....

*All Terrain Leather Personnel Carriers.....
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