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The LGS is not acquiring the gun, so no record-keeping is needed
If it's in the shop without the owner, they have "aquired" it.
The law says it can be delayed IF there is a "commercial record", meaning a bill of sale, or a repair order.

10 minutes being on a rack is not breaking the law.
The law says the gun has to be logged.
You're ignoring that portion by focusing on just the "when"

The required acquisition information must be recorded
All I can tell you is that at our shop, every single firearm we had was either booked in or was an employee firearm, in which case it was labeled as such. Why invite problems buy doing something as shady-looking as what the OP described?
That's how it was where I worked too.

I had a special set of tags that went on any of my guns I brought in other than the one I was carrying, which was never visible

You don't take chances with the BATF.
The customer has nothing to lose and the shop owner can lose everything
One shot, one kill
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