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Originally Posted by Wyoredman View Post
Since your RN bullets have a different profile and are 154 gr, I would start at 56.0 gr and work up to around 60.0 gr. Stopping if the bolt starts to get hard to lift or the cases start showing signs of pressure. There is an excellent thread about pressure and cases here someplace.

You may find that you can go beyond 60.0 grains of IMR 4350, to 62 gr or so. Work up and find a good load with those bullets.
That's kind of what I was thinking. Was looking at starting at 56. And working my way up. I'm mainly trying to find a good brush round just in the 7mm RM platform. That's kind of what I like about this reloading stuff. I can experiment with bullets that are on the market.

Who knows? I may not need to get a 30-30 if I can find a good 100 range round with this Hornady bullet. The furthest I would have to shoot on my lease is maybe 125-150 yards at max. Most the time it's 50-75/100 with a lot of brush around.
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