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I respect your opinion Mr. Pfleuger. And while I agree with you that hiring a lawyer and going through a process of some kind might be "safer," it is not always the best option.

If I hired a lawyer or filled out forms at the local PD every time my neighbors were rowdy during finals week I'd either be broke or wasting a lot of time. Thankfully usually a little politeness works and if not, I have the option of bunking someplace else for the night.

Not everyone can just leave, not everyone can just ignore it, not everyone can afford to drop a grand or two on a lawyer for a noise complaint. A lot of people here have said that if they leave their house they have a gun on. I know several people who when making complaints (trespassing etc.) have been told by the police to get photographs/videos (evidence).

I'm not saying what he did was right. I'm just pointing out that up until he stood there chanting "I'm in fear of my life" and brandishing, he really hadn't done anything terribly unreasonable.
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