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Originally Posted by Jim
It is a bit hard to be sure, but the second picture sure looks like a No. 5 receiver with the extra gap under the rear sight and the sloped cuts.

TX hunter, did you remove the handguard and check the rear of the barrel? There should be cuts a bit like the flutes on a revolver cylinder.
I agree on the receiver appearing to be cut at the right rear, sure looks like a No5 cut to me.

Looking at the left side of the receiver is that a new serial number to the right of the ejector screw?

Could be a parts rifle, a No5 receiver with a shortened No4 barrel. That may explain the "shoots left" issue.

Look at the flash hider, does it have casting lines on the top and bottom. A real No5 FH well not have casting lines.

The butt stock is a modified No4, hard to tell from pic but the metal looks repro. Is the rubber butt pad soft?

The 800yd backsight is correct.

1942 would be a No4, first No5's are 1944, Faz and BSA only.

It's a nice looking rifle, get her shooting straight and enjoy.
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