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You should always use a pan cover to keep the dirt from getting under the trigger. If it gets underr it, the pan can't drop to set off the trap.

A dirt hole set is pretty simple. Use an auger or narrow digging tool to dig a hole about 2" in diamete, and maybe 6-8 inches deep. A spiral stake used for teisting into the ground for a dog tie-out works pretty well. Put the hole at about a 45* angle, and set your trap just off to one side, and maybe 8-12 inches back from the hole. Place scent or bait down in the hole and you're good to go. Sometimes a few small feathers scattered around the top of the hole will help if bobcats are a target.

Canine (dog/coyote) urine on a stump is faster, easier, and is oft-times a better attractant, but it depends on your set-up. It's a natural thing for them to hike a leg on such a place, so you just have to put the trap where they'll step to do it.

Good luck on the line, and I hope you'll let us know how you do.

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