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I bore sight at 50 yards and fire 1 shot. At this point I'm thinking inches and clicks, not MOA. At 50 yards most of my scopes move POI 1/8" per click. Some are 1/4" per click. If I'm 2" right and 3" low then I move the scope left 16 clicks and 24 clicks up with most of my scopes. 8 clicks left and 12 clicks up with the others.

I don't waste ammo at 50 yards. I just want to hit paper at 100. Shot #2 is at 100 yards and I repeat the adjustment process. But at 100 yards my scopes move POI 1/4" per click or 1/2" per click. I also have a few scopes that are in Milquads which are about 1/3" per click.

99% of the time shot #3 will be where I want the rifle zeroed. I'll let the barrel cool for a few minutes before firing a 3 or 5 shot group. If I need to fine tune the zero I will.

Once zeroed at 100 yards then I'll start thinking in terms of MOA or MILS in order to calculate drops at longer ranges.

It is possible to fire a group and adjust the sights so that they line up with the POI. BUT ONLY if the rifle is locked down so it cannot move at all during this process.

But, if your group is already 2MOA, or 2" off to the right at 100 yards you MUST turn the scope adjustments to the left in order to get the POA and POI to be the same. Adjusting to the right will move your POI even further to the right.

Perhaps your scope is mislabeled or mounted 90 degrees off. That happens. When we twist the dials on a scope in the direction that says up, the internal crosshair actually moves down to bring POI up. When we twist the dials in the direction that says right, the internal crosshairs actually move left in order to move POI to the right.
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