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Regarding Post 8,

I don't recommend a guy choosing a firearm for a female. I'd rather her choose her own firearm, if any. Here's a website which both of you can read, specifically the "Choosing Firearms" section in this thread's matter, but try to read all the other sections, too.

My experience is LE. Even if the LEO was a 60 y.o., 125#, 5'7" female, she would be qualifying with a Mossberg 590A1 twice/year using both 1 oz. slugs and 00 buck. Some of these LEOs were 5'0", 21 y.o., 100#, with others of various other ages, weights, and heights.

I think her desire, training, and commitment will play the most part in whether a shotgun of any gauge, is what she'd want to choose.

FYI, many, whether male or female are really liking and choosing to go with the AR-15 over the shotgun when given the choice. Policy, btw, mandates if OK'd for an AR-15, the LEO must still qualify and maintain proficiency with the 12 gauge shotgun (at the dept. where I worked).
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