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I'm going to have to agree with the doctor that wrote the article 100% Especially his closing statement ;
"... shot placement with any commercially available ammunition will offer you the best chance of maximizing your duty ammunition's stopping power."

There is another member on this forum that has a quote (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'I'd rather be shot in the foot with a .50 BMG than shot in the head with a .22LR' Which makes perfect sense to me.

Getting to my point, in my years of experience, I have NEVER seen a deer (even with a slug) get hit and literally be knocked to the ground by the force of the projectile. Shot placement through the heart definitely ensures that they don't go more than 50 yards or so but lets say the deer got hit in the gut by a 12 ga... It would probably run off and die a mile away by a horrible death, and all the while was never knocked to the ground. (This goes back to shot placement)

I apologize for the hunting comparison when the OP was discussing handgun defense ammo selection, but I don't feel that ballistic gelatin should be used as a guide for bullet effectiveness (much like how we select our hunting ammo)
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