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Originally Posted by 2damnold4this View Post
My 342 weighs 12 oz loaded with aftermarket grips. An LC9s weighs about 20oz loaded.

I carried a Ruger LC9S for the better part of three years and even though it’s only 17 ounces completely empty, I think mine was pushing closer to 23-24 ounces because I carried it with the 9-round extended magazine and a Crimson Trace trigger guard laser. But, I never carried it outside the waistband. It got carried inside the waistband in either an Alien Gear cloak tuck holster or a crossbreed super tuck horse hide holster which both weren’t the most comfortable because I had to cinch the belt down almost as tight to hold everything up. But, that was also done with junky gun belts that were about as stiff as a regular leather dress belt. I never tried that configuration with a much stiffer belt.

I’m just wondering how these guys with similar builds as me are able to carry full-size 1911’s ad such in much more comfort as I’m experiencing. Maybe they’re not sitting all day like I am....

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