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If you are shooting groups to test the accuracy of the rifle/load or to establish a zero, I would shoot from a bench at an appropriate target. Once the accuracy of the rifle/ammo/optic combination and zero have been established, I can move on to test myself or attempt to develop skill. I don't think the Army qualification target or silhouette targets are good choices for this type of testing or zeroing.

If you are shooting to test your skill from various field positions, using a target that represents what you may be shooting at makes sense. A silhouette of an "enemy" soldier, a deer shaped target with the vitals marked in a way you can't see them until you check the target, a steel or paper plate approximating the size of a game animal's vitals and etc., all make sense to test your skills. But I'm not concerned with group size but rather if the vitals are hit or not. If I'm shooting a post qualification target, I don't care if I get a 1.75" group, I care if I hit the propper part of the target.
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