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I have never heard anyone but Ayoob make this recommendation. Have any of you heard of this in your training or research?
I've trained law enforcement agencies in judgmental use of force and gunfighting tactics for almost 20 years. I've always taught that the pelvic girdle is the preferred aiming point for a number of reasons: (1) It's truly the center of mass on your opponent. In combat you tend to shoot high, and a high hit aimed at the pelvic girdle will hit the center of the chest. A high round aimed at the center of the chest may go over the opponent's head. (2) The pelvic girdle contains large bones, which will maximize the energy transfer over a through-and-through wound. (3) The pelvic girdle is much larger than the head, and moves less than the head and upper thorax. (4) The pelvic girdle is the natural hinge point of the body, so an impact there is more likely to literally knock your opponent off of his or her feet. (Have a friend punch you in the center of the chest fairly hard. Now have him punch you in the groin with the same force. Any questions?) (5) A hit in the pelvic girdle is MORE likely to stop the threat and LESS likely to be fatal than a hit in the upper chest.

Mas is correct in his teachings, IMHO.
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