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We are at a point in our society where everything is due to fear. For example, think about all of the 'when I was a kid we just had to be home at dinner' stories. Now kids aren't even safe at school let alone roaming the neighborhood. Kids in elementary school need cell phone for emergencies. We are a society of fear. Guns are a logical step in this process. I dont want to leave the house without a gun. I need to sleep next to a gun, etc. Its just where we are headed. Plus with the media publicizing mass shootings we are afraid everywhere we go so we want a gun for SD.

On the other side of this there are also more and more people against guns 100% now than ever before. I think our society is moving towards extremes on liberal/conservative ideas. You can't be in between anymore without being hated by everyone. I see this a lot because I am very in the middle. Both conservatives and liberals hate me when we talk politics.

As far as teaching goes, good teachers are hard to find. Part of my job is teaching and it takes a lot of work and dedication to be good. I find bad teachers either were just never trained properly or they just dont care.
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