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The MP5 is a fun gun

When I was contemplating which machine gun would be my first machine gun, I couldn't decide among which one to buy. So I spoiled myself and bought all of my options, including a Steyr Aug and M60, which I do not yet have in my possession. If I was limited to one, now that I have shot and have in my possession several, I will give my opinion that for a first time machine gun buyer, the MP5 would be the best choice.

I wish I knew now what I did not know then, as I would have purchased two MP5s, instead of two M16s. I definitely would not have purchased the Steyr Aug due to the blowback issue, but since I have already paid for it, I will love that child like any other child.

The upsides of an MP5:

Replacement parts are plentiful and easy to find, and relatively inexpensive, unlike my soon to be bastard child, the M60, for which it is really hard to find replacement parts, and if you can find them, are really expensive. I just now purchased five H buffers for my A3 stock, five extractor springs, three original new HK German magazines, Roller pins and plates, all for less than $400.

Upgrades or swaps to different versions are relatively cheap. For example, I have an A3, and to swap to an A2 version would cost less than $500. In comparison, it cost me $1600 to turn my M16A1 into a 9 inch carbine with a collapsible stock ($1200 for the Colt Commando upper and about 400 for the stock, buffer, and miscellaneous); and as for the M60, it will cost $8000 to upgrade to a MK43 or E6.

9mm ammo is dirt cheap, especially when reloaded.

9mm ammo is the easiest and fastest to reload because it is so small.

The magazine is easy to handle and reload. I now wonder, why isn't all double stacked handgun ammo reloaded the same way: instead of pushing down and back, like on a handgun, the magazine on the MP5 is just push down, and the round is seated. When you're shooting 2000+ rounds, the simple pushing down to reload the mag is a fingernail saver.

The low recoil on the gun makes it super easy to shoot. In full auto, and at about 15 yards, I can put all 30 full auto rounds into a circle about 6-8 inches.

The MP5 is in high demand and holds its value really well.

If you shoot it with a suppressor, the gas doesn't scorch your face like an M16 does. The M16 suppressed will barbeque your face, especially if you are a leftie, like me. I can imagine that an M60 will be worse, even unsuppressed. I hear the Steyr Aug is the worst when it comes to cooking your face because it is a bullpup design.

Finally, the MP5 is just really fun to shoot. Much more fun than a .223 because of the controllability (although an M16 isn't hard to control, you just have to get lower to ground in your stance, and you can run off an entire 223 magazine with no problem).

The Downside:

Absolutely none. LOL
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