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Yup, almost shot my friend too

When I was 16 I picked up an "unloaded" 22 rifle that was in the trunk of my dads car, It fired even though I "didnt touch the trigger". It shot a hole out the side of the car and missed my friends balls by about 10 inches. I have been doubly afraid of "unloaded guns" ever since. On a side note, twice in the last 2 weeks I have had a handgun pointed at me at my local indoor range. The first guy was trying to show his kid how his new gun functioned, but he was having trouble with it himself, he ignored me when I gestured to him. The second guy walked up to me becase he didnt know how to "load the gun", he meant release the slide, he'd never fired an auto loader before. The mag was loaded, the safty was off and he had his finger on the trigger as he walked up to me. I happily helped him out and then asked if he would keep the gun in his lane and come get me if he needed help again. He gave me a dirty look and didnt talk to me again -
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