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Probably too late in replying but here goes. I have both a R-870 Express with an 18.5 inch barrel, and a M-590. As stated, ergonomics go a long way on the 590 as far as safety and release, and those 2 factors alone make the 590 superior in my opinion. My Remington ($195 at wally world 2 years ago) just feels good, naturally aimable and sturdy but not heavy. The 590 ($200 including $126 in accessories from a recent PD academy grad that needed money badly... he paid $400 for the gun alone) makes me feel like my arm is completely extended to reach the forearm, and is generally uncomfortable excepting the two factors stated earlier. The 870 is pretty, and the 590 is tough looking. 870 action=smooth, 590 action=clunky. All going to come down to personal preference in the end, and since you stated money is not a problem, buy both!
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