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What you’re seeing is why lots of us hand load- accuracy.

Now, you have two different twist rates there. Maybe the aspect ratio of the bullets comes into play, the Henry has a faster twist so it will like shorter-stubbier bullets… and “not much different” in accuracy… well, add a few of those up and then it’s “wow.”

So maybe your factory .44 Mag ammo is using 22 grains of Unobtanium gunpowder, while the .44 Special uses 14 grains of that powder.

When the gun goes “bang”, the barrel rings and wobbles in waves. If the bullet exits at a good point in the wave cycle (usually a maximum deviation) then you can get repeatable hits on paper.

Well, maybe the factory picked 22 grains because it gives great speed and good consistent velocities… but your gun might vibrate such that it’s not a good “fit.”

So… we load up 5 at 21, 5 at 20, 5 at 19, 5 at 18…. And see I’d we can find a sweet spot in accuracy.

Say 18 grains is better than 22 but not as good as 12…
So now we test in fractions of grains around 18.

When you find the sweet spot of right bullet, right powder, primer and even case… you can get amazing results. You’ve learned the rifle is capable! Now make the perfect ammo for it.

That said, we’re all waiting for the supply chain to clear… so we can try some different powders: unobtanium, bullstale, 24nickles, lil’boots, etc.

It’s fun. The good news… your new rifle seems to shoot accurately!
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