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I'd disagree, to a point.
I'm frugal (ok, cheap lol) so don't like to spend a lot of money on limited returns.
Most of my rifles are in the $300-400 range.
I have Redfield, Vortex, Sightron, Burris & Crimson Trace scopes on my hunting rifles.
All are variable with 4-12 & 4-14 power being my prefered magnification range.
While walking, or in woods they are usually set on 4 power.
Out on the gasline, or the edge of fields, i start at 6 power.
If i see something at distance, say 400 yards, i will go up to max power if conditions and time allows.

My one "more scope than rifle" is my wife's rifle. Savage 110 FP in 223 Rem.
It's used only for range fun & matches.
Started out with a $400 Sightron STAC 4-20X50.
But those tiny .224 bullet hole are hard to see!
Ended up finding a used Sightron SIII 10-50X60 LRTD with 1/8 MOA exposed turrets.
Scope $750. Rifle $259 before some haggling & horse trading.

It's been good enough for a 2nd & (2) 3rd place finishes in short range bench rest matches.
Now if the loose screw behind the trigger could do his job.

Oh, and while you can see a difference in quality. With heavy mirage i can't see my bullet holes at 400 yards with my $125 Celestron spotting scope, or my friends $2,500 Zeiss.
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