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I stated facetiously in another thread "When was the last time you read about BATF doing a huge Tobacco raid? They've morphed from Alcohol & Tobacco to become predominantly the Federal Firearms Police." Anyone who has heard of any recent tobacco or alcohol task forces executing big raids please feel free to correct me.

Regardless of the outcome of this bill, if its ever passed, I will bet anyone a steak dinner that that BATF database containing some 920+ million Form 4473 records is NEVER destroyed. Even if Congress passes a bill calling for the BATF to divest itself of these records, they can be classified and put into a backup file for future reference, and technically the BATF could be in compliance with Congressional guidance without actually *destroying* the database.

This is the same agency that claims their database does not actually constitute a national firearms registry due to the fact that it omits certain facts from certain records. Along with being disingenuous, the fact is that the omitted data still exists. The building blocks of a federal firearms registry are all in place. It can be assembled at will.

Ronald Reagan said: "a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!" This one is no different - and storing databases for all time is one thing they're good at.

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