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While I support the idea, unless there are some real "teeth" in the bill (and by that I mean actual punishment for individuals not just the agency in general WHEN they violate the law) even if passed and signed into law, I'm afraid it will be just one more law that the govt, pays lip service to observing but violates in practice.

Look what the FBI did with background check records a while back. Despite a LAW requiring those records to be destroyed shortly after the check is complete, the FBI was keeping them, for at least 6 months, and got taken to court over that.

I don't remember how it turned out, but the point is, a Federal agency was intentionally violating the law. Don't think it can't happen again...

Also seems to me that for a long time there was a rule stating that while the ATF got the paper records from out of business dealers, they were forbidden to enter them into a computer database. Seems like that got changed, without most of us knowing it was...

One thing that worries me is that, once information is in a computer database, it can be copied, transferred, and "stashed" in some other place under a coded title, so that even if they comply with removing the records from the "official" database, they might still retain the information, which violates the spirit of the law, if not the letter.

Because, if there ever is a confiscation of firearms (or just certain one start with...) the last tactic they want to use is house to house searches, its much better for them to be able to have a list of the people who bought them, and go there, first.

You may consider this paranoid and extreme, but when one of the politicians let slip, in public, "Hell yes, we going to take your...." I no longer rule anything out completely.
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