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I just read about a bill I can support

According to this article, Rep. Michael Cloud (R., Texas) has proposed a bill that would allow FFLs to destroy their records. This would short-circuit the BATFE's stockpiling of records on gun sales (and gun owners). Existing law says the government can't create a database of gun owners, but the BATFE has been stockpiling paper records for years. I suppose their argument is that boxes of paper aren't a "database" until someone starts keying the data into a central file.

The Biden administration wants to change the existing law to require FFLs to keep their records indefinitely. This proposed law is a counter to that.

Cloud's bill is a direct response to the Biden administration's proposed plan to mandate that firearm dealers keep their records in perpetuity and provide them to the federal government. The bill would not only force the ATF to delete all of its existing firearm transactions records, but also allow licensed gun dealers to destroy their records when they go out of business, effectively stopping the federal government from adding to its database—which critics like Cloud and gun rights advocates have long seen as a blatant bid to track American gun owners in violation of the law.

The bill has 40 cosponsors, with more expected in the coming days.

Currently, when a licensed gun dealer goes out of business, their records for the last 20 years are transferred to the ATF and entered into its database. The Biden administration wants to change the law so that gun stores must keep these records in perpetuity, meaning that when a store closes, the government gets all their sales records.
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