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Originally Posted by ghbucky
In other words, it became pointless.
In the opinion of a mod/admin.
Not in the opinion of "a" mod/admin.

I don't think I'm revealing anything top secret when I mention that -- as on most Internet forums (I'm a moderator on two others as well as here) -- there is a secret back room discussion area for the moderators to discuss moderating. It's rare for a moderator to close a thread without first engaging the rest of the moderating staff in some discussion, usually of the "Has this gone on too long?" variety.

That's exactly what happened with the thread in question. I opened the thread. I will frankly admit that I was not even a little bit happy with the direction it went ... but I wasn't the moderator who closed it. But, before that happened, there was one of those "Has this gone on too long?" discussions in the secret back room.

Every such choice is a balancing act, and we know we won't (and can't) please everyone. That said, what plays out is, in fact, the exact opposite of our looking for "any possible excuse" to close threads. In reality, since (being humans, and members here ourselves) we don't always agree on whether a thread should be closed or, if so, when that should happen. As long as useful new information is being added, we let discussions continue. When a discussion reaches a point where nothing new is being added, and the same participants are just reiterating their positions in post after post, that's typically when threads get locked.

Thread closures are not hair trigger decisions by the staff, and usually are not unilateral decisions by a single moderator.
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