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In Arizona, a 16-hour course is required for first time permit holders, with a 4-hour course required for renewal permits. Permits are good for four years. A brief synopsis of the course includes:
Safety Briefing
Types of Sidearms and nomenclature
Firearm Selection (power vs. controllability vs. concealability)
Firearm Retention
Firearm storage devices
Ammunition and storage (including various types)
Training household members
Law And Legal (Mandatory 3 hours minimum)
Weapon Care And Maintenance
Mental Conditioning
Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship (including stances and grips)
Judgmental Shooting
Written Test
Final Qualification

The classes my son and I teach usually run closer to 20 hours, as we include a low light briefing and a night shoot. And, since it is a concealed weapon course, we demonstrate drawstrokes from strong side (OWB & IWB), crossdraw, SOB, shoulder holsters and ankle holsters from concealment. Drawstrokes from fanny packs and purses are also included.

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