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32 & 38 S&W pop gun loads with Trailboss... anyone tried ???

got a pretty good collection of top break revolvers going, & I don't collect anything I don't shoot... some of these are "good" revolvers, others pretty weak black powder actions...

I plan on loading up some very soft pop gun loads that hopefully will work through all of them... I've been able to find loading data for "class 1" ( black powder revolvers ) that are only chronoing around 400 + fps ( on the 32 S&W ), while the reciepes give me 6-8 powder options, so far I have not found any data for Trailboss, which would seem to be a natural for what I'm trying to do...

1st... anyone load for 32 or 38 S&W for black powder revolvers, with smokeless powders ???

2nd... anyone tried Trailboss in those cartridges ???
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