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SIG P210-1

I recently acquired not one but two SIG P210-1 for my little accumulation. The 210-1 had a high polish blue, as opposed to the cheaper 210-2 which was sandblasted then blued.

The first one was made around 1970 I believe, and it’s in 7.65 mm Parabellum caliber (.30 Luger).

The second one is a bit more special. It came with box, manual, test target dated Nov. 22, 1984 and a (non-original) front sight adjustment tool, mag loading tool and a Sig patch. It’s in 9mm Parabellum.

It also has all the characteristics of a 210-6, which are : a differently curved trigger, a hammer group screwed to the frame, serrated front strap. But it was referenced as a 210-1 “sport hammer group” and I believe those were the last 210-1 produced.

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