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"Was thinking about getting one for a "project/fun to mess with" and work up reloads for, inexpensive rifle."

In this scenario, I'd advise you to look at another venue. My 15 year old NEF break action .223 does OK with 55 grain bullets-around 1 MOA. 60 grains run in the 2+ MOA range and anything heavier than 60 is sort of "iffy" but generally in the 3(or more) MOA range.
In addition, you'll have more difficulty getting good groups from a platform that requires you to lift the rifle off the bags to reload and then re-seat onto the support.
More?? OK.
I found that factors as seemingly insignificant as how you close the action will affect POI or group size.
Spend whatever it takes to own a bolt action for your experimentation.
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