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I have never seen anyone have a issue with the Kronenbourg system, quite frankly the electronics does a better job than paper of documenting the shots. In particular for F class at 300 where several shots can pile on each other. The target below is a 197 6X target from a 300 yard match. How many bullets went through that ragged hole on the left side of the 10 ring? What about the hole on the lower right in the ten ring? Are those X's or tens at the 9 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions. I have seen a lot worse, sometimes the entire X ring would be one ragged hole. We had one jacka** accuse a shooter once of shooting the XRing out the putting his remaining shots into the berm. This is in a little local club match, no money at stake, just a 10 cent plastic medal. I mean really, if this was for a National championship I could see being that serious but these are just Sunday fun club matches

Anyway I am not a range manager or match director so all that is superfluous for my concerns, for me the unit serves one purpose and one purpose only. It enables me to practice my shooting beyond 200 yards and see my hits. I only need to go downrange twice, once to set the target up and once to retrieve it. I can shoot two three, four, five or however many strings at the same aim point and save them to memory. That in itself makes load tuning of seating depths at long range a piece of cake. A good spotting scope with ED glass can cost into the thousands and you are still lucky to see a .243 bullet hole at beyond 300 even on a cloudy day.
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