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Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
The 240 grain 44 mag JSP is literally made for penetration. It will penetrate at least 2 feet of flesh and bone, especially from a carbine.
According to noslers own description. "These bullets were built for extreme accuracy and reliable expansions at broad ranges." You will note that penetration is not listed in the description.

I will grant you it does say it's sporting bullets are good from everything from targets to hogs

Expanding bullets, like soft points, can over expand at high velocity. Such as is sometimes the case using handgun bullets in carbines. Also soft and hollow points you can lose a lot of bullet mass on expansion, especially if your pushing it on the fast side, not to mention core/jacket separation issues. This can greatly reduce penetration.

For me, for hog, a frame hands down.

Also, feel free to link testing or hunting vids of the nosler hitting 24in in gel, or a boar, in the vitals...
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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