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I've had my 410 for about a year now. As was mentioned above, the stock 'hi-capacity' magazine for this pistol was 11 rounds [and the pistol was called the 411]. Any 15 round magazine I would be suspicious of, and would probably look like my 10 round magazine in my Ruger P97-sticking out the bottom about an inch.

The good news is that, new, they sell on the shelf for around $450 average retail. The early generations of the 410 had some issues that caused some to call it a 'jam-o-matic', but the 3rd generation [latest one] was redesigned, and they contacted that Novak guy [I forgot his first name: famous for sights and gunsmithing] for advice on improvements [which they ACTUALLY followed!]. As a result, it is [in my experience] a very reliable pistol that should always go bang when you want it to, and won't until then. It is a great duty/defensive pistol, but it is NOT a competition pistiol in it's stock condition. As for CCW, it is not the best, but it is possible to do. It is not a small pistol, so it is not as compact for CCW as a Glock model 27 [or is it 26 that is the 3.5"barrel .40 cal?], but it is better than a full-sized 1911 [only is size to conceal] or a full-sized CZ/HK. For CCW, I would rather have something a little smaller than my model 410. But the 410 is my house defense pistol.

As far as accuracy, personally, I am a MUCH better shot with my 9mm pistols, my 22, my 357 or my 45. I don't know if this is because of me, or if it is because of the caliber, or if it is the model 410 pistols fault [I have never fired a different 40caliber pistol for comparison]. It will give you reliable center-of-mass shots, but it is not a Sig/HK/or CZ in accuracy [from my own questions and knowledgable responses]. I am the first to admit I am NOT a good shot. I enjoy trying, but I am not good at it yet. The 410 takes more work to get the same accuracy as the others I own, but there are at least three possible reasons for that [me, me, and me. oh, and caliber, fatigue, and pistol (nah, it's me still)].

To be completely honest, if I had to do it over again and knew what I now know, I would use that $295 to save as the base of a CZ75b or a CZ40 [75 is MORE accurate than the 40]. You can order them from CDNNINVESTMENTS [or many others] for around that price, or buy it new off the shelf for about $70 more. I like my 410, but it doesn't 'do' anything for me. I only have two reasons I haven't replaced it: I can't afford to buy anything else yet, and the self-defense issue. If I have to use a pistol for self-defense in my house, the police will undoubtably confiscate it [I live in California] until they determine it was self-defense and legally owned. If there is a screw-up and I don't get it back, I DON'T want to lose my $1000 Wilson or Kimber, or [pick your high-end pistol] when I can lose a very reliable $400 S&W. I can afford to replace the 410 a LOT easier than a high end Kimber, etc.

I am rambling. Take my information for what it's worth [not much]. I DO like my 410, I just don't LOVE it. I like the inherent feel of my Baby Eagle [9mm] or my Ruger P97 a lot more, but I am confident my 410 won't ever let me down. I can't give resell-ability opinions, because I honestly don't care too much. I buy it to use it, not to store for resale or collectors' interest. This is not a dig at anyone else, I just can't give any feedback on that point.

Good luck, and good shooting!

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