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Beyond that, like removing the front sight or the plunger tube on a 1911 would be done only by a gunsmith or qualified armorer; in the military service, it might be considered a depot level job.
No, its not. The only depot level item for the 1911 is the frame itself. Front sight, plunger tube, grip screw bushings and even the ejector was done at Direct Support level. I was one of the guys who did it in the 70s. D company709th DS BN 9th Infantry and Forward Support Company 498th Spt BN 2nd Armored.

We had the fixtures and special tools to install and stake the sights, bushings and tube, and we could replace/repair all the other parts except for the frame. And if the frame needed repair, it went to Depot level maint. As far as I know, Depot never repaired any frames they just DX'd the gun. (wrote it off in exchange for another).
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