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What are the essentials for Coyote hunting?

Hi all,.

In Utah, we're a high plains desert to mountainous area. It seems most coyotes are on the more arid areas, sagebrush and the like.

I'm looking for some advice on the essential equipment needed to harvest coyotes for pelts and state bounty.

My equipment thus far consists of a wounded rabbit call and a yelper call.
I have a Savage Weather Warrior 30-06 with Redfield 50 mm 3X9 scope,
A Marlin 336 SS XLR in 30-30 with a Skinner peep sight,
And a Smith and Wesson AR15 Sport with open MBUS sight.

And. lastly, scruffy eyesight due to cataract surgery.

The state offer $50/head and a decent pelt is $100 at the tannery.

Any thoughts on how to approach a Yote hunt?


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