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Browning claims their BOSS can be tuned so bullets leave when the barrel's straight out. Guess they don't know enough to see that barrels are shaped like the letter S when fired. And the best place for bullets to leave is just before the muzzle axis is at the top of its swing upward.

I've emailed Browning a couple of times asking if their barrels are on the down swing when straight, or up swing. No response whatsoever. If it's on the down swing, that's the worst time as bullets leaving faster (sooner) will depart at a higher angle than those leaving slower (later) at lower angles. Nor has Browning said anything about running instrumented tests proving the BOSS works as they say it does. I think it's just a theory, and a bad one at that.

The BOSS may help with factory ammo as similar things do with .22 rimfire ammo, but with handloads, you can do the same thing by changing charge weights a tenth of a grain or two to change where the bullet leaves on the muzzle axis' up or down swing. And their BOSS moving 1/10 inch on the barrel will only change its resonant frequency about 1/2 cycle per second. Most barrels' fundamental frequencys are under 100 Hz but the third harmonic frequency the muzzle whips at that's critical is 3 times that much.
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