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New to Highpower Comp reloading, hep me narrow the information.

I am not new to reloading, but new to NRA/CMP/EIC competition. I will be using a White Oak upper 1/7 twist with a Rock River lower. A friend gave me several hundred each Sierra Match King 69g, 77g, 80g bullets. I have a Dillon 550B progressive press. I also have Redding 223 competition 3 die set as well. I have used a Redding bench rest powder measure to measure IMR 4895 for my M1. I have used the Dillon as a single stage press in the past. I have about 10 pounds of Reloader-15 that I would like to use for a full season of competition. Is Reloader-15 ok to use for the different bullet weights as listed above, and what about the different distances 200, 300, & 600 yards. Thanks in advance for the information. I have gained great insight from this forum and am hopeful for more of the same.
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