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Noob.. can you help?

I think I am going to give casting a try. I am still undecided as if I want to start casting, so I am trying to do an inexpensive trial run. Can I make something work with what I have on hand?

I currently have:

Heat Source
Enamel coated cast iron pot for melting
Good source of Led
Lee 2 bullet 125 RNFP mold .358
Metal Spoon
Lee Alox Lube

After reading the 101 section it looks as if most people make ingots and then melt ingot for bullets. It is possible to skip this for the first batch or so just to determine if casting it for me? I ask this because i did not purchase a ingot mold.

I also did not buy a sizing die, which I think might be the really important thing I missed. Is sizing absolutely necessary or it is something just to insure best accuracy? The sizing dies arent that expensive, I just need to wait until i am putting together another midway order to make it worthwhile.
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