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once upon a time while working in a range a customer wandered in who had sold his 40S&W gun and gave me 200 rds of gold dot ammo since we had been nice to him. we soon closed for the day and the three of us working decided to stay and shoot that ammo. I suggested we take all the 40S&W rental guns in and see which one was the most accurate. all three shot them all. I did not expect the S&W 410 to outshoot the rest but it did with all three of us. it also was the only one of these guns to not break while in the rental inventory. the only problem with the CZ 75's was the slide stop pins which broke too often. real life is much different than real BS. we often actually tested products there, the three of us ,who no longer work there that is. you can only go so far on BS. Bobby Rosengarden used to say ... "you know one day when you are telling the conductor how great you can play he's gonna' say ' shut up and play' "
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