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I have a Model 94 that was bought new in about 1951 that's been on who knows how many deer hunts and has killed a lot of whitetails. It shows its history although I refinished the stock (it's got a surprisingly good figure I discovered after I stripped it to the wood) and redid a small compass that was inlet into the stock after the gun's original owner (my dad's best friend since the 1930s and the CCC) got lost on a watch-drive in the Adirondacks in about 1955. He still got lost more than a few times. Collected all together the stories attached to this rifle would fill a book and be a pretty good history of my family and close friends for the last 60-odd years. I don't care what the gun's market value is, not much probably, it's a family heirloom and the memories that play when the gun is handled are priceless.

I have a Model 70 in .300 H&H Magnum from the same era that has a lot of stories attached to it as well, like the moose it killed in the Yukon having its head mounted and shipped home for a lot of money, only to find the only place it would fit was in the garage. It's priceless to us as well (the rifle, not the moose head which was donated to the local gun club).
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