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I think selling the barrel wouldn't bring in a whole lot by itself unless it was pretty fancy to begin with.

If it was just you in the picture, selling the old upper and replacing it with an already put together upper in 22LR would be optimal. You'd get trigger time with your same exact lower which is a low-wear component. So familiarity with your setup in your centerfire upper would increase even when using the 22 upper. Heck you could set up the upper to have the same sights, foregrip, etc.

But then I saw you have multiple kids. They might want to have or at least shoot the same thing the other one has. I guess it depends on how old your other children are. If they're older, promoting a little friendly father-child competition with evenly matched 22 rifles might be fun. (Do it for the children! jk) And I've always had good experiences the few times I called upon S&W customer service, I have less experience with CMMG.
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