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Swearing off Remington, unless . . .

Am burning lots of 22 LR these days having fun with new Beretta m9 22. Love that thing. I've had FTF with remington before in other guns. Well when I shoot my Beretta 22 loaded with Remington Golden it sounds like this . . . BAM, BAM, BAM, pop, BAM, BAM, pop, BAM etc. On every pop, if I don't see the hole appear in the target I stop and check for a squib. So I think I'm done with Remington 22 ammo. I buy 22 LR when I can find a good price and over the last couple years I've acquired over 1000 rounds of Remington. I've moved those to one side of the ammo closet, saving them for when I have nothing else. Which might be a while. I finally counted my 22 LR ammo stash and there are almost 13K rounds. Yipes. Guess I'm finding too many good buys!

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