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and yet time after time, the news reports of everyday folks surviving close quarter attacks do not mention that they used special weapons, special tactics, had received special training. What they did have though was the ability and willingness to engage.
ability and willingness is about all anyone needs to get themselves in trouble.

I am not sure why news reporters would be reporting on the narrow/specific nuances of a fight, that's not what gets the ratings. I am also not sure why anyone in a fight would be telling a reporter that they have "special training" or used special weapons.

"This is action news XYZ123 reporting on a local mans altercation which included the use of a gooseneck- come-a-long followed by a flying guard. The victim Jon Q public was reported to have said that he was saved by Katame-Waza techniques." LOL

Just speaking for myself I don't use news reports as the basis to form my opinions or consideration regarding self defense, I use personal life experience.
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