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Originally Posted by FireForged View Post
it stands for: strategic - self defense - grappling and gunfighting - tactics.

I agree that grappling and ground based fighting is critical for any realistic self defense system. I greatly benefitted from LAPD-ARCON which was widely taught back in the 90s.
the emphasis is on the grappling, not firearms. in order to be able to use your gun you have to be able to access it and have room to deploy it. escaping or better yet preventing getting into a headlock, bear hug or being put on the ground is essential. however, as most things in life a fight usually ends up in some sort of clinch and goes to the ground. this is where you have to be able to escape from or control your opponent.

you'd be surprised how little strength is needed for some of this stuff as it is based on leverage and technique. Don't get me wrong, strength and weight/size are an advantage but without skill are easily used against you.

disengage and either run or fight, it all depends upon what your assailant does next. of course, this is all based on the assumption of somebody trying to physically overpower you, although there are some basic edged weapons defenses that are part of this training as well.
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