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I am getting more and more convinced knives are not that useful for self defense except for scaring people away.

First, thanks for being on the front lines of emergency care.
As to your comment about knives, they require TRAINING to use effectivly. If a knife user just flails and stabs at random (prision shank style . The results will be as described. Give the same knife to a Sayoc Kali practitioner, WAY different outcome.

Both of the wounds you describe are what are referred to as “timers”. They take time (usually through blood loss) to be effective.

“Switches” are much prefered for SD knife use. Such tgts as the Flexor tendons in the forearms are great tgts, as they are what allows the fist to close and grip objects.

Without turning this into an edged weapons discussion, dont discount the blade as a SERIOUS weapon in trained hands.
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