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..another "old" enjoyer of Skeeter's writings... I actually spoke to him once on the phone when I was in college working for US Customs in Houston. An agent on the border called at lunch time and asked to speak to another agent in the office. After a while the agent came into my office and asked if I knew who that was... I had seen Skeeter's articles before but didn't realize that "Charles" Skelton was who I was talking to. The agent then told me about an hour of Skeeter stories as he had worked with him down on the border...

As to a trail gun, I have carried many different ones from .22 to .41 Magnum. A couple of years ago I finally asked myself the question, what was the purpose of the gun...and it boiled down to self protection from either two or four legged that ended my carrying of .22s.

Favorites are:
S&W 60-10 3", adjustable sights, .357 Magnum...just a joy to carry or shoot.

Taurus Titanium Tracker 4", .41 Magnum... Makes the perfect .41 Special and weighs just a couple ounces more than the 60-10.

Freedom Arms 97 4.25" .41 Magnum..solid as a rock.

Carried in a good belt holster or if I have a backpack/waist pack on then in a Hill People Gear chest pack, it is out of sight but there when needed. Rarely carry more than 15-20 extra rounds. A MTM Ammo Wallet and or a couple of TUFF Products speed strips keep all the ammo together...

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