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I have a P2022 9mm I use for a house gun. It spends most of its time on the nightstand. I used to stick it in my jeans pocket when I was working on my farm or throw it in the truck when I went fishing, etc. It's too big, IMHO, for a CC weapon. For that, I use my Walter P99AS. The 2022 is a rock solid gun, thougth, and is the standard military sidearm for several foreign militaries.

The textured grip is excellent. Sticks to your palm like glue, even if you're sweaty.

I found the fixed sights to be dead-on.

It's a hammer-fired double-single action. The initial, double action pull is smooth, but LOOOONG. About the time you think it's going to fire, it goes back some more. In single action mode, however, it's wonderful, about 4 pounds, nice and crisp. Keep in mind that all you have to do is thumb back the hammer and you're in SA mode. I quickly learned to thumb it back as I took hold of the gun; it's not an issue at all, and that long DA pull makes a great safety.

If it weren't so bulky, I'd sell the Walther and carry the 2022. But it's an individual thing; I know of many who carry it.

Check this out (skip to 1:20). 5,000 rounds without a hitch:

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