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140 grain BT 68.5 Grains Magpro

Measured outside to outside. Then subtracted bullet diameter and divided by 1.047. Wound up measuring .78 MOA. The shot that was out of the group a little was the first shot. And the group started walking back toward zero. This is at 100 yards.

The reason for today's range trip was to see if I could get a little more velocity from this bullet and powder while staying inside the accuracy node. For a Deer rifle I am happy with it.

Coal was 2.757 Putting me around .020 from the lands.
Nosler 140 grain BT.
68.5 grains of AA Magpro
I will also Chronograph this load when I get my new Chrono. I figure I will settle on a load in the mean time.

I only loaded 5 rounds with this charge weight, because I had other powder and bullet combos to try. I loaded up to 69.5 grains of Magpro, but the groups started opening up. Could be me, could be the weather. It was 18 degrees this morning with about a 10 MPH cross wind. Maybe 3/4 value.

I intend to try this same load with the Sierra 140 grain HPBT Game king. Gonna load some of them up tonight. They are shorter though, COAL with the 140 grain Sierra HPBT Game King is 2.683. That leaves me just .010 from the lands. And the boat tail below the shoulder Datum. This will be a compressed load with this bullet. The reason for the change to the Sierra is the fact that they are less than half of the price of the Nosler. And if they shoot as well then I will continue to load the sierra.

I also loaded some of the Sierra 140 grain Game Changers for this and shot them today. I will post a photo of that group later. They did not shoot as well. ALthough with that bullet I am limited to Magazine length and I am .070 from the lands.
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