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I recently acquired my woods walking revolver.

It's an old Hawes from the 1960's, made by Sauer and Sohn. It's a right nice SAA clone. A friend needed money and had guns. It's a .357 6 inch. Love the CCH frame.

It had been sitting for so many years the oil had turned to a glue like substance. The hammer would barely fall due to all the "glue" it also had the cylinder pin very very stuck.
A long soak with penetrating oil got rid of the "glue" and I used a small pair of side cutters to lift the cylinder pin. I just worked the very sharp side cutter blades under the pin and squeezed the handles. Perfect. Not a scratch on the gun. The taper to the blades worked perfectly to lift the pin out of the frame. I was rather proud of my ingenuity on that repair. Once apart it cleaned up beautifully. From the condition I doubt more than cylinder full has been fired prior. I will correct that.

Keep an eye out for these old Hawes single actions, they are well made.
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